Objective- To find what is an acid and what is a base.


1- Red Cabbage

2- Sprite 0

3- Distilled Water



6-Orange Juice

7- Diet Coke


9-Coffee Filters

10-  2 Test Tubes


12- Gloves

13- Eye Dropper


1 Get all of the Materials 

2 Put of gloves

3 Cut the cabage and micorwaved it for five minutes then let it cool 

4 Ubsorbed the cabbage juice with the filers allowing the red on the fileters as posable

5 let  the coffee fileters dry (while drying put small amout of amonia in a test tubes and also vinager

6 when dry cut the coffee filters in strips  onextwo  this will serrve as our litmus paper

7 placed the limus on wax paper using the dropper fill with coffee,sprite 0 etc

8 Drop a small amout of liquid on the limus paper and repet for all others

9 looked for for red = acid green=base collected our data

Ravenchamp (talk) 16:27, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

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