Objective: To split water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas using an electric current 

Hypothesis: Because there are 2 hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom we should get twice as mush gas as oxygen gas.

Materials: 2 test tubes, .jar, baking soda, wires (22 gauge), water, 9 volt battery, duct tape


 1 Cut wire into 2 pieces and strip wire of both ends fold end of wire and tuck into test tube secure with duct tape and repeat.

2 dissolve baking soda into warm water pour.

3 pour baking soda into test tubes also put baking water into .jar. 

4 invert test tubes into the water filled beaker ,then tape to side of .jar.

5 attach wire to battery.

6 to stop the reaction disconnect the wires from the battery.

7 Determine which eletrode is releasing hyrogen and which is releasing oxygen.

Our Data Collected

1 The wires started bubbling and look liked there was air pressure building up inside the test tubes

2 We observed one test tube was displacing water two times as fast as the other.

3 And we can assume the hydrogen is displacing  two times more water  then the oxgen becase the makeup of water is h2o, or two parts hyrodgen to one part oxygen.

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